Sunday, April 12, 2009

Save the Climate, Save Boracay!

I found this Youtube video from the Greenpeace site and I believe this video campaign for Boracay is a very good way of communicating our intention to Save the Climate. This is for their Holy Week campaign but I guess this can be used not only for the Holy Week but every time we go to Boracay and to all the lovely beaches and tourist spots here in the Philippines.

Greenpeace encourages all tourists and guests to do their simple acts when travelling. It is just a 3 simple steps to save Boracay and our Climate. Here's Angel Aquino for Save the Climate, Save Boracay YouTube Video:

1. Save Energy by unplugging or switching off your aircon, tv, lights and chargers when you leave your hotel rooms.

2. Reduce Waste by bringing your own bag when you go out. Say no to plactic- straws, sachets and bags. No cigarette butts on the beach please!

3. Walk More - walk more and enjoy the beach! Walk, run, swim and cycle to lessen the air pollution.


SwitSexyThing said...

I love this. I really am into educating people on how we can save the earth. Will post this in my blog too :)

Insider-Insights said...

Thanks sis! at least now I'm sure that I was able to send the info through this blog. I'm really a supporter of GreenPeace,anything for the nature. I also like this video...Feel free to put this in your blog.

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