Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Bitukang Manok Atimonan Quezon

After the Scooter Ride to Sariaya Quezon with the Ratbugasmati Group, my Hubby and Uncle exchanged transpo so my hubby got our car and we went straight to Atimonan Quezon. It's just a plain road trip because we do not have any place in mind to go to except that I want to see the famous Bitukang Manok (chicken intestine). I was just so curious on how zigzag it is and if I'm going to feel scared or what coz based on what I heard and read it's really a dangerous road and a breathtaking zigzag that one has to see so my adrenalin is really pushing me to see how breathtaking the place is.

After traveling for a couple of hours, I can now see the entrance to Bitukang Manok in Atimonan Quezon. Its name is Quezon National Forest Park, I believe there's a park there which we didn't bother to visit coz we do not have enough time anymore. I was so excited to see the said breathtaking zigzag road so I prepared my camera and wait for something new to take photos on. I'm still waiting and asked my hubby where's the zigzag? It was to my disappointment when my Hubby told me that it's all over. What!?!?!? I do not have photos yet and he'll tell me that it's all over? Why didn't I see it or feel the rush? Where's the adrenalin rush? hehe... I was not satisfied so I told my hubby to pull over and park the car. We walk down the road to see what's in there, just to satisfy my expectations. We stayed at a point where I can take photos and have a good sight of the Bitukang Manok. It's amazing to see it from the top. I got some nice photos so I'm satisfied. I was just expecting too much and I didn't realize that it was just a short zigzag road compared to Sagada - Benguet zigzag. Anyway to wrap it all up, it was a beautiful sight and you will just appreciate it if you're at the top. See photos below to see what I mean.


Jans said...

wow sis, great pics!:)

Insider-Insights said...

thanks sis!

carlamaldita said...

was expecting din a very zigzag-gy road pero nung nadaanan namin parang wala lang..hehe..yabang eh noh..basta di naman very thrilling!
nice pics,btw

lenj said...

galing! you've captured the bituka-ness of the road! ^__^

Insider-Insights said...

@carla-nice view from the top but it's too short.parang bitin! hehe

@lenj - yes sis that's what im looking for the "bituka-ness" hehe..

Elizar said...

iba talaga ang mga adventure nyo len, tsk tsk.. nice nice blog na ha.. ;) galing!

Keep it up!

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Anonymous said...

Try Going to it AT NIGHT!! let see if its not yet thrilling for you!

Insider-Insights said...

Yeah this is just a short road compared to the one in mountain province and besides we love travelling at night so it won't be a problem.

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