Thursday, April 30, 2009

Chillin' at Ace Water Spa

Ace Water Spa has always been our favorite spa destination. It's a different kind of spa compared to the ones we already knew. It has several pools with spa facilities, a kiddie pool and a lap pool. Imagine yourself swimming in the pool with the benefit of the hydro massage. Each facility has a note on it on where the hydro massage will focus. They have different massage for all the parts of the body you'll just have to read the direction, follow the right position and click the button to make it work. They also have 3 hot pools with ginseng which are therapeutic, just be careful with the position coz you have to put your nape in the cold steel to prevent your temperature/blood to go up and be aware of the time limit they said in the note coz you cannot stay there longer. Ace water spa also has steam room and sauna bath in case you want to try that out.

The amenities at Ace Water Spa is commendable, they have clean facilities and everyone is required to wear the proper swimming attire. A snug-fitting swimwear is required as the water pressure can be very strong and could literally bare your body parts. A swimming cap is also required to prevent falling hair in the pool. They also have swim wears for rent in case you forgot to bring yours. The bathrooms are nice and clean, they have a complete set of shampoo, soap, gel, cotton buds, tissue, blower, slippers and lockers so you won't have to worry if in case you just stop by the spa.

Ace water spa also has a restaurant where you can eat after a relaxing massage, they offer a free soup after the 4 hrs massage. Cameras are not allowed inside so I just shoot the one I see from the resto.

One session at Ace Water Spa costs 550 pesos for adults and 250 pesos for kids below 4 feet. It's an all weather establishment coz all the pools are indoors so you don't have to worry about the sun burn and rain. It's a nice place to relax and thanks to my officemates who recommended this place to us.

Ace Water Spa is located at 399 Del Monte Ave. (near cor. Banawe St.), SFDM, Quezon City. Contact numbers are 3678040-41 and 3678061. They are open at 6am til 11pm daily. more

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Photographing the Tree of Life

I don't know why I love photographing the Coconut Trees when we visited Quezon. It really catches my attention when we are passing through roads with coconut trees on the side. The height of the coconut trees in Quezon are incredibly tall compared to the those I've seen in the city. The symmetry on how the trees were planted are amazing. When the strong wind blows, the leaves and trunk of the coconut trees are perfectly swaying into the direction of the wind. I just love photographing it and the trees are so picture friendly plus the clouds that are saying hello to my cam.

Coconut Tree is also known as the Tree of Life in the Philippines because of it's many uses from roots to the tips of the leaves, from culinary to non-culinary use such as decorations and souvenirs or even for medicinal use. This is one of my favorite fruit because of its delicious juice and coconut meat. It was indeed a Tree of Life since the coconut industry is one of the highest dollar earner industry in the Philippines especially now that the Virgin Coconut Oil has found a market in Cosmetics and Medicine. more

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Bitukang Manok Atimonan Quezon

After the Scooter Ride to Sariaya Quezon with the Ratbugasmati Group, my Hubby and Uncle exchanged transpo so my hubby got our car and we went straight to Atimonan Quezon. It's just a plain road trip because we do not have any place in mind to go to except that I want to see the famous Bitukang Manok (chicken intestine). I was just so curious on how zigzag it is and if I'm going to feel scared or what coz based on what I heard and read it's really a dangerous road and a breathtaking zigzag that one has to see so my adrenalin is really pushing me to see how breathtaking the place is.

After traveling for a couple of hours, I can now see the entrance to Bitukang Manok in Atimonan Quezon. Its name is Quezon National Forest Park, I believe there's a park there which we didn't bother to visit coz we do not have enough time anymore. I was so excited to see the said breathtaking zigzag road so I prepared my camera and wait for something new to take photos on. I'm still waiting and asked my hubby where's the zigzag? It was to my disappointment when my Hubby told me that it's all over. What!?!?!? I do not have photos yet and he'll tell me that it's all over? Why didn't I see it or feel the rush? Where's the adrenalin rush? hehe... I was not satisfied so I told my hubby to pull over and park the car. We walk down the road to see what's in there, just to satisfy my expectations. We stayed at a point where I can take photos and have a good sight of the Bitukang Manok. It's amazing to see it from the top. I got some nice photos so I'm satisfied. I was just expecting too much and I didn't realize that it was just a short zigzag road compared to Sagada - Benguet zigzag. Anyway to wrap it all up, it was a beautiful sight and you will just appreciate it if you're at the top. See photos below to see what I mean. more

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Save the Climate, Save Boracay - Part II

Here's another YouTube video of the Save the Climate, Save Boracay Campaign by Greenpeace.

Just remember these 3 simple steps from Richard Gutierrez at Youtube:

1. Save Energy by unplugging or switching off your aircon, tv, lights and chargers when you leave your hotel rooms.

2. Reduce Waste by bringing your own bag when you go out. Say no to plactic- straws, sachets and bags. No cigarette butts on the beach please!

3. Walk More - walk more and enjoy the beach! Walk, run, swim and cycle to lessen the air pollution. more

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Holy Week Ride to Quezon

Last Thursday, my hubby Cocoy's Scooterista group "Ratbugasmati" planned a ride to Quezon. Since we already have plans for the holiday and he also wants to join the ride, we made a compromise that we will just go to Sierra Madre after the ride in Quezon is finish after lunch. We left Manila at around 4am and the planned route going to Quezon was through the service road. My hubby brought his Grand Dink and I have his Uncle drive the car for me so I can take photos of the group.

This is my favorite shot of my husband, looks like a champion!

They stopped by this Quezon landmark to wait for us. Since we are riding a 4 wheel vehicle it is obviously the slowest compared to the scooters and of course they have this momentum to race during the ride so the car was definitely left behind in the ride. My first few shots are mostly from the back. I saw them racing each other to their momentum, they're all brave enough to push their scooter capacity to the limit coz they have their mechanics with them, of course from Ratbugasmati Scooter Shop.

Our first official stop was in Tiaong Quezon. The photo below was taken after a sumptuous meal from Bunso's home. We just ate and take a short rest then we continue the ride going to the beach in Sariaya Quezon.

This was the last photo I took for the group, I wasn't able to see the beach at the back coz we have to rush to our own planned destination. Ratbugasmati Scooter Group stayed here overnight and went back to Manila on Good Friday through the Tanay route. It was a fun ride indeed and my hubby and I were both satisfied as he was able to ride with the group and I was able to take new photos for my satisfaction.

For inquiries about Ratbugasmati Scooter Shop, please contact Cocoy at 09165198458 more

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Save the Climate, Save Boracay!

I found this Youtube video from the Greenpeace site and I believe this video campaign for Boracay is a very good way of communicating our intention to Save the Climate. This is for their Holy Week campaign but I guess this can be used not only for the Holy Week but every time we go to Boracay and to all the lovely beaches and tourist spots here in the Philippines.

Greenpeace encourages all tourists and guests to do their simple acts when travelling. It is just a 3 simple steps to save Boracay and our Climate. Here's Angel Aquino for Save the Climate, Save Boracay YouTube Video:

1. Save Energy by unplugging or switching off your aircon, tv, lights and chargers when you leave your hotel rooms.

2. Reduce Waste by bringing your own bag when you go out. Say no to plactic- straws, sachets and bags. No cigarette butts on the beach please!

3. Walk More - walk more and enjoy the beach! Walk, run, swim and cycle to lessen the air pollution. more

Friday, April 10, 2009

Caleruega Chapel

This is my favorite shot of Caleruega

Caleruega Chapel is one of the favorites of the couples who want to get married in Tagaytay. It was often mistaken as a Church in Tagaytay since it is near Tagaytay but the correct location of this chapel is at Nasugbu, Batangas just in the boundary of Tagaytay and Nasugbu.

There's a wedding going on when we get there, it's palm Sunday that time so I'm not expecting that there's a wedding that day. I wasn't able to take photos of th
e interiors of the chapel as I want to respect the privacy of their ceremony. I've been through that experience and privacy really is a big deal. I'll just show you the shots from the outside, the construction of the chapel is blending very well on the landscape and the sceneries that you will see around the area. The weather is not too hot even if it's summer because it is elevated, the cold wind blows around the chapel. Aside from the Chapel there are other amenities in this area for retreat or seminars.

Here's the map of Caleruega in case you would like to visit this place.

For Private Vehicle

Via South Super Hi-way:
Take Sta. Rosa Exit
* Proceed towards Tagaytay Market
* Turn right to Rotonda

Via Coastal Road:
From Roxas Blvd. proceed to Aguinaldo Hi-Way all the way up to Tagaytay

For Public Transport

* Proceed to CROW Bus Terminal along EDSA in Pasay. Board buses going to any of these destinations: Nasugbu, Balayan or Calatagan. Get off at Ever Crest, Batulao, Nasugbu Batangas. Tricycle Service is available at Evercrest entrance or hike through a 2km road to Caleruega. more

Monday, April 6, 2009

Caleruega Trip

We went to Caleruega Chapel yesterday with my hubby's family. I've been here in Caleruega many times attending a wedding but I wasn't aware that Caleruega has a lot to show us aside from the lovely chapel up the hill. There's a wedding when we arrived and the entrance to the Caleruega chapel was closed because of the wedding and that's the exclusive entrance for the guests only. So we walked ahead downhill, when we reached the gate of Caleruega the guard approached us and asks us to pay for an entrance fee of Php30.00 per adult I haggled for the 2 kids so we only paid for 3 adults. I didn't know that we have to pay for the entrance so I asked what's the entrance fee for? Good thing I asked so now I know that there's a picnic area, a pond, a hanging bridge and a walk bridge where you can take a really nice photo. Caleruega is nice place to go to on weekends for family bonding. See photos below for some of the Caleruega's amenities.

This is the entrance from the back gate of Caleruega

Upon entering, there's a cute staircase that caught my attention.

This is the Caleruega's dormitory for retreat participants.

Eating area

A signage so you won't get lost

The hallway going to the Caleruega Chapel

Pathway going up to the Chapel

I like this sign "Closer to Nature, Closer to God" I believe this coz God is the creator of all these beautiful nature that surrounds us.

Picnic Area

Station of the Cross, Caleruega Style

The Pond

The rest of the photos are walk bridge and hanging bridge. more