Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Photographing the Tree of Life

I don't know why I love photographing the Coconut Trees when we visited Quezon. It really catches my attention when we are passing through roads with coconut trees on the side. The height of the coconut trees in Quezon are incredibly tall compared to the those I've seen in the city. The symmetry on how the trees were planted are amazing. When the strong wind blows, the leaves and trunk of the coconut trees are perfectly swaying into the direction of the wind. I just love photographing it and the trees are so picture friendly plus the clouds that are saying hello to my cam.

Coconut Tree is also known as the Tree of Life in the Philippines because of it's many uses from roots to the tips of the leaves, from culinary to non-culinary use such as decorations and souvenirs or even for medicinal use. This is one of my favorite fruit because of its delicious juice and coconut meat. It was indeed a Tree of Life since the coconut industry is one of the highest dollar earner industry in the Philippines especially now that the Virgin Coconut Oil has found a market in Cosmetics and Medicine.


Elizar said...

ako alam ko bakit you love to photograph coconuts... syempre, coconuts, coco, cocoy, coconuts, cocoy, coconuts.. :)

Insider-Insights said...

hahah! me point ka dyan...ngayon ko lang na realize yan! hehehe!

Anonymous said...

ang ganda naman ng mga kuha mo..astig ka talaga mahal. pero mas ok ang cocoinuts! yun ang tree of life na tunay! hahaha.
-Mahal Ganda-

Insider-Insights said...

hahah korek nakakapag bigay buhay..haha!

Insider-Insights said...

mahal ganda...musta ka na?

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