Monday, April 6, 2009

Caleruega Trip

We went to Caleruega Chapel yesterday with my hubby's family. I've been here in Caleruega many times attending a wedding but I wasn't aware that Caleruega has a lot to show us aside from the lovely chapel up the hill. There's a wedding when we arrived and the entrance to the Caleruega chapel was closed because of the wedding and that's the exclusive entrance for the guests only. So we walked ahead downhill, when we reached the gate of Caleruega the guard approached us and asks us to pay for an entrance fee of Php30.00 per adult I haggled for the 2 kids so we only paid for 3 adults. I didn't know that we have to pay for the entrance so I asked what's the entrance fee for? Good thing I asked so now I know that there's a picnic area, a pond, a hanging bridge and a walk bridge where you can take a really nice photo. Caleruega is nice place to go to on weekends for family bonding. See photos below for some of the Caleruega's amenities.

This is the entrance from the back gate of Caleruega

Upon entering, there's a cute staircase that caught my attention.

This is the Caleruega's dormitory for retreat participants.

Eating area

A signage so you won't get lost

The hallway going to the Caleruega Chapel

Pathway going up to the Chapel

I like this sign "Closer to Nature, Closer to God" I believe this coz God is the creator of all these beautiful nature that surrounds us.

Picnic Area

Station of the Cross, Caleruega Style

The Pond

The rest of the photos are walk bridge and hanging bridge.


rakesh said...

Bautiful place and pics. The last but one pic of the rope has been really well shot !!

devianty said...

beautiful place, good luck

carlamaldita said...

ako din nagulat dati why we had to pay entrance fee. pero sulit naman. ganda ng place eh.


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