Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Holy Week Ride to Quezon

Last Thursday, my hubby Cocoy's Scooterista group "Ratbugasmati" planned a ride to Quezon. Since we already have plans for the holiday and he also wants to join the ride, we made a compromise that we will just go to Sierra Madre after the ride in Quezon is finish after lunch. We left Manila at around 4am and the planned route going to Quezon was through the service road. My hubby brought his Grand Dink and I have his Uncle drive the car for me so I can take photos of the group.

This is my favorite shot of my husband, looks like a champion!

They stopped by this Quezon landmark to wait for us. Since we are riding a 4 wheel vehicle it is obviously the slowest compared to the scooters and of course they have this momentum to race during the ride so the car was definitely left behind in the ride. My first few shots are mostly from the back. I saw them racing each other to their momentum, they're all brave enough to push their scooter capacity to the limit coz they have their mechanics with them, of course from Ratbugasmati Scooter Shop.

Our first official stop was in Tiaong Quezon. The photo below was taken after a sumptuous meal from Bunso's home. We just ate and take a short rest then we continue the ride going to the beach in Sariaya Quezon.

This was the last photo I took for the group, I wasn't able to see the beach at the back coz we have to rush to our own planned destination. Ratbugasmati Scooter Group stayed here overnight and went back to Manila on Good Friday through the Tanay route. It was a fun ride indeed and my hubby and I were both satisfied as he was able to ride with the group and I was able to take new photos for my satisfaction.

For inquiries about Ratbugasmati Scooter Shop, please contact Cocoy at 09165198458


Bhing said...

Road tripping! That was cool.. I've been wanting to have that kind of trip..

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