Friday, March 27, 2009

Top 10 Pilgrimage Destination on Holy Week

I've just thought of my top 10 Pilgrimage Destination this Holy Week. As the tradition goes here in the Philippines there are places that are frequently visited during this season to seek Spiritual Healing. Some people wants to renew their faith by visiting these places and at the same time relax during their time off from work.

Here goes my Top 10 Holy Week Pilgrimage Destinations. These are only my pick, it may not be as popular as the others. I've been to some of these places and some still has to be visited soon.

1.Vigan Cathedral in Vigan Ilocos Sur -Also known as St. Paul's Metropolitan Cathedral, this is one of the oldest churches in the Philippines build by Juan de Salcedo on 1574. Situated in Plaza Salcedo, close to the right of Cathedral is the Episcopal Palace where the Bishop resides. You may find the exterior of the Cathedral not so attractive but when you look at the interiors you'll see that the church is really beautiful. Just a segue, it's really nice to celebrate a wedding here it has a super long isle which I really like and the altar is so beautiful!

2. Paoay Church in Paoay Ilocos Norte - Further north you will find another Heritage Church in the Municipality of Paoay. The name of the Church is St. Augustine but it's popularly known by the place where it is located. This religious building is one of the four Baroque churches designated in UNESCO heritage site. Paoay Church is a fine example of Baroque Architecture with Oriental influences, it has also been called an earthquake Baroque church.

3. Our Lady of Manaoag Church in Pangasinan -This church is Spanish - Romaneque inspired with a littele German and Italian Renaissance Architectural composition located in Panganisan. This is one of the popular Pilgrimage Center in the Philippines where the Our Lady of Manaoag is known to be miraculous.

4. Sierra Madre Country Club - Located in Tanay Rizal built with the sceneries of the Mountains is a good location for a retreat this Holy Week. They have a Way of the Cross that you can do on the top of the mountain and Ecumenical Worship Chapel where they celebrate the Mass.

5. Our Lady of Lourdes Grotto - Located in San Jose Del Monte Bulacan, features a mock hill Calvary with life size statues that depict the passion and death of Christ. One of the popular pilgrimage area where thousands of devotees come during the Holy Week to do the 14 stations of the cross on the zigzagging hillside.

6. Caleruega - Located in Nasugbu Batangas is Caleruega Chapel. This is a Dominican built pilgrimage area literally on top of the hill. There are retreat amenities here like conference room, reflectory hall and dormitories. It's a nice place to commune with nature to reflect about your life and pray.

7. Mount Banahaw - also known as the Holy Mountain in the Philippines, it is located 100 kilometers southeast of Manila. It is the highest peak among a series of mountains and is surrounded by the towns of San Pablo, Majayjay, Liliw, Nagcarlan, Tiaong, Candelaria, Sariaya, Lucena, Tayabas and Lucban. This is a pilgrimage mountain where you can see a combination of catholic practices and superstitions from the local where faith healers and other religious cults go to meditate at the caves and commute with the spirits of nature.

8. Sagada - located in the Mountain Province, this enchanted place is best for people who wants to find themselves with silence and nature. The roads going here makes you feel selfless and thankful for the blessings you've been receiving in your life but as soon as you reach the place, you will find yourself being engrossed with the sceneries you will see and will forget about the stress and problems you have in the City. There are a lot of places to do your reflections, either by going to the enchanted falls of Bomod-Ok or the Caves of Sumaguing and Rice Terraces Views. This is really a haven for those who wants to rest and reflect.

9. Pampanga - Here you will see a lot of Kapampangans who do a sacred and personal acts of penitents. There are activities that show the passion and death of Christ.

10. Our Lady of Pe├▒afrancia Church in Naga City - This church was built in 1711, been here 11 years ago and I still can't forget the beauty of this Church. The paintings in the ceiling was really impressive I really want to show it to you guys but during those times I only have a film camera and I can't find the pictures now. huhuhu...


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Insider-Inights, Hi - great post, love the places you chose! Thanks for sharing the information.
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KC said...

sis Len, pano ba mag-back-up sa Sagada? like namin mag-punta ni papa JC pero di pa ngayon, pag may free time na :-)

alam mo ba yung movie ni juday at piolo? sa sagada yun diba? like ko matulog sa kubo-ish na tinulugan nila :-)

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You are doing a great job - really like your posts!
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Insider-Insights said...

hi sis KC sure sure...ill post my Sagada trip here.

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