Saturday, March 21, 2009

Sierra Madre Tanay Roads

These are some photos of the roads of Tanay. I've been here many times whenever my husband and I wants to unwind. We always go here for a road trip either by car or by scooter eat bulalo then go back home. Seeing these mountains makes me feel so light plus the adrenalin rush of the zigzag roads makes you forget the stress you have in the city.

I love taking photos of the sceneries of the Sierra Madre. The mountains have different faces depending on the time of the day. I have many sets of photos on these area coz these are my favorite spots of the mountains. This set was taken during our ocular at Sierra Madre Country Club where we will spend our Holy Week Vacation.


Suecae Sounds said...

Nice photos! I esp like the one with the clearly visible sun. :)

Insider-Insights said...

Thanks for the comment, I like that one too the cloud looks like a dragon.

joseph sydney valdez said...

I never thought there was a nice paved road linking Tanay Rizal to the Province of Quezon. Im really amazed! How was it? I have question..can an SUV or a car be able to pass through this road smoothly? Thanks!

Insider-Insights said...

Hi Joseph, yes its a paved zigzag road with Mountain Views on the side so you'll really enjoy your travel here. Your SUV can definitely pass through this road.

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