Sunday, March 22, 2009

Daranak and Batlag Falls Day Tour

Talking about Tanay from my previous posts, I remember going to Daranak Falls and Batlag Falls last 2005 with my Hubby. He's just my boyfriend that time and we thought of going there just to see the falls. It was raining all day and I was too nervous coz the zigzag road to Daranak is slippery and we are just riding a scooter for a roadtrip. I was excited to see the Falls since we used to visit Tanay, I am wondering what this province has to offer.

Daranak falls is located in Brgy. Sampaloc, Tanay, Rizal, a few minutes away from Tanay market. It is a government-owned park and part of the laguna watershed. If you are going by private vehicle, just follow the road going to Laguna from Antipolo. At the Daranak-Tanay junction, turn left and head straight uphill. You will see a sign "To Daranak Falls" at the left side of the road. You have to turn left there then you will pass through a forest then you'll see the parking area. Tricycles and jeepneys make special trips to Daranak, so it is also accessible for commuting public.

This is the Daranak Falls, this is the 1st falls you will see upon entering the park, there's still another falls but you have to hike up the hill to see it.

This is taken from the wood bridge that you have to pass through when entering the park. The water that flows here came from the falls.

Batlag falls is situated near the top of Daranak Falls. You will have to pay a separate entrance fee when you want to visit this Falls. I remember the time we visited this place, Encantadia the old teleserye from GMA had their shoot the day before that's why there are some props seen in the area.

The park is open daily at 8 am to 5 pm, entrance fee is around P20.00, I think they have different rates now. They have picnic huts, tables and sheds, complete with all the amenities you’d expect from any resort.

Daranak and Batlag Falls is a nice place to visit this summer. This is a nice Day Tour Trip with your family and friends. It's good to see nature near Manila and you wont have to worry of having long drives and traffic on your way here coz the roads are not crowded.


Sietse Smith said...

It looks truely beautiful there! we don't have such areas in our flat little country (The Netherlands).

Are these your own pictures?

Insider-Insights said...

hey thanks for the visit, yup these are from my camera.You should visit the Philippines to see these beautiful places.

SwitSexyThing said...

hi! thanks for adding me. my mom is assigned in rizal and we are planning on visiting these falls, as well as hinulugang taktak, this summer. found out about them at a travel blog. they are so beautiful eh? u from rizal sis?

Rhycel said...

Wow ganda naman dyan...

Nicolas Prudhon said...

I love the second photo, the one of the waterfall, it's very beautiful and nicely taken!

carlamaldita said...

galing ng mga shots ha! may post-processing yan? i am so ignorante when it comes to editing my shots eh.
have a tag for you here:

Insider-Insights said...

@sweetsexything - nope not from Rizal but we're always there for roadtrips. the place is really nice try to visit it this summer.

@Rhycel - punta na! hehe lapit mo lang dyan!

@sis carla - yun iba meron pero tamad ako mag edit e so mostly wla. :)

@nicholas - thanks for visiting!

Anonymous said...

wow...thank you guys specially for the blogger!
this made me even more proud of my town. I'm so amazed that even if you're not from around here you still promote and loved the place...its people like you who really appreciate what tanay has to offer, unlike the people who lived here who will prefer to go to different far places than to see the beauty of their own backyard...thank you so much guys. i love my place...i just don't have the chance to do something like this coz i just finished my studies...proud tanayan!

Anonymous said...

are there any resort nearby?

Insider-Insights said...

I can only suggest Sierra Madre Resort, im not sure if there are other resorts nearby.

Anonymous said...

Thanks sa info. I just want to know if there is a nearby place to stay overnight?

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