Monday, March 2, 2009

FLy WiTh ZeST-O nOt WiTh SpiRiTs

As I was searching for a new place to explore, I found a site that directs me to a new Airline...ah no this is not a new airline, I just thought it was. Asian Spirit is now the "Asia's Most Refreshing Airline" not the ”Fly as an Asian, land as a Spirit” anymore. Wow! it's so refreshing, looking at the color of this airline is enough for you to feel refreshed..hehe...kidding aside the newly branded carrier by the name Zest Air was acquired by the owners of the most popular juice drink in our country Zest-O. Look they have similarities in color and I bet their snack includes Zest-O hihi...Love your own!

Zest Air has been continuously giving a major effort on re-fleeting since the start of the acquisition. So lets expect a new aircraft when we booked for this airline anyway it's a good strategy to market their business since there are now many local travelers here in the Philippines and we could benefit from it too if there are many players in the industry. There will be a tighter competition and that means more promos for us...Cool!


carlamaldita said...

sana mas mura kesa sa piso fare ng CEB!!


Insider said...

hehe o nga e...makikita natin...pero kasi small plane lang to diba parang tulad sa seair mas mahal un mga flights nila.

flyboylipad said...

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