Thursday, February 26, 2009

ReLaXinG aT d SpA

The other day when I was cleaning our room, I got surprised when I found an envelop in my closet from The Spa. It was a gift to us when we got married and it is expiring next week so I told my Hubby that we need to go there asap... Massage is one of our addiction and I wouldn't let that GC expire just like that...hihi... It was our first time to go to The Spa Trinoma, and like any other branches the place is clean and the ambiance itself is relaxing. The GC is for a deluxe massage we just added P500 for an executive massage in a couple's room. Since it's a weekday, we were the only customer that they're attending to. We got an excellent service and a total relaxation that we really enjoyed. Too bad I can't take pictures.

After our nice massage, we had a food trip at the all time favorite steak resto. We also tried a crepe from a new store in Trinoma for dessert. The crepe was big and delicious. We are supposed to buy 1 crepe only but when my Hubby taste it he loves it and told me to just buy another one... takaw!

It was indeed a one fine afternoon to indulge ourselves with our addiction....a massage and a good food.


~Lorna~ said...

sister..nice post..nice to spend days like this with hubby 'no..I remembered also we received The Spa GC from Jody (Events Experts) and will be expiring hmmmm..when nga ba..ahahhaa..might as well use it paguwi namin next time. di namin nagamit dati kasi preggy ako that time di ba..

uy, the crepe! love crepes..ano name ng store? ngcrave tuloy ako bigla..wahhaha!


Anonymous said... forward to it...thanks for dropping by my blog :)

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