Monday, February 23, 2009

GrEeNPeAcE - No To BaTaaN NuCLeAr PoWeR PlaNt

I have always been a silent member of this Organization and I've been wanting to participate on the activities they are organizing. Last Sunday Greenpeace members assembled at UP Diliman Sunken Garden to express their stand against the use of dangerous nuclear power in Bataan. Volunteers formed a human banner to show message of solidarity. I have grabbed a picture here from Greenpeace site about the BNPP assembly last Sunday.

"Around 800 volunteers from Greenpeace and the Network Opposed to BNPP (Bataan Nuclear Power Plant) form a giant ‘human banner’ spelling “No to BNPP” in a campus in Quezon City, as a message of solidarity opposing a House bill to revive the mothballed nuclear plant. Greenpeace is calling on Congress representatives not to support the proposal and to withdraw their signatures from the bill which would effectively lock Filipinos into dependence on the world’s most unsafe and most expensive source of electricity."

For Flicker Photo Stream visit this site:
so sad they don't have it in I don't know how to embed this video from Flicker.


Anonymous said...

thanks for posting this mate. i'd would like to thank you in behalf of Greenpeace=, we really appreciate it =)

Chuck Baclagon

Insider said...

I'm a silent greenpeace member for a long time. I may not be active in the activities but I still want to help spread the word. Thanks mate!

carlamaldita said...

umattend ka sis?

Anonymous said...

When I was a kid, my father was assigned in a military camp very near the Morong Nuclear Power Plant. We were able to tour the facility at whim. Of course I didn't know the significance of the plant at that time.

Insider said...

@ sis carla- aattend sana ako only to find out me duty pala ako ng Sunday. =( next time sama tyo...hih.

@ sis tani- really? i saw it when we went to bataan e kaya lang cyempre hanggang tingin lang d ko pa alam nun na me effect pala.

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