Saturday, February 14, 2009

HaPpY HeArTs DaY

It's that time of the year again, flower shops are sprouting everywhere, gift ideas and cards can be seen in the malls, romantic movies are out, and on my way to work yesterday at around 6:30am delivery boys were so busy looking for the building where they will deliver the flowers. Oh yeah o yes, it's Valentine's Day! It's really nice to see the reaction of the girls when they get a bouquet of flowers. They're so Kiligggg! hehe! There are different kinds of romantic tactics where you will really get Kilig! There are even some guys I know who also received their bouquet of flowers...haha! Flowers are not only for girls huh!
Now I wonder what's my Hubby's plan for me this Valentines... hehe...expecting...

I just let the day pass, met up with a friend and decided to go home by 11:00pm. When I entered the gate of our home I really got surprised to see a bouquet of beautiful flowers in the scooter. I was so happy to see that coz I'm not expecting one that night.

This is the 1st bouquet I found outside

Then I went in the room and found another bouquet of flowers in bed with 3 chocolates, a note and guess what....a Siopao...haha! Who would think that a Siopao can be a romantic gift for Valentines, it may be funny for you guys but hey it's our favorite siopao from Kowloon so who cares heheh... I so love my hubby, he always surprises me and he knows what would make me happy and how to make me happy. Happy Valentine's Day Daddy!!! Luv yah!

2nd Bouquet of flower,chocolates,a note & siopao!


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Very beautiful photos on your blog!!


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