Sunday, February 15, 2009


and this is the continuation of our Valentine's Celebration... =)

We went to Serendra today to have a date...wahahaha!!! it's our post Valentine's date and we're looking for a place to eat. Somewhere that will satisfy our big tummy. We saw Brazil Churassco, I've been there once and I'm sure that my Hubby will enjoy the food there coz it's buffet. =)

This resto is basicaly a buffet restaurant serving barbeque or what they call churassco in Brazil. There's a table in the middle where you can get the buffet. The buffet serves continental food, pasta, salad and desserts. The only thing in the menu are beverages. There's also a system on how to get the bbq. The staff will give you a yoyo with a green and red side. If you turn it to green then they will serve you a non stop BBQ. Those bbq's are fresh from the grill with skewers on it and is directly taken out on the customers plate. As far as I remember the bbq selections are beef brisket, beef hanging tender, pork something =), lamb leg, chicken sausage, cheesy sausage and some sausage that I forgot the name, cattle fish, grilled saging na saba, grilled pineapple and corn. Wew! that was awesome, we didn't notice that we're getting full until we turn the Yoyo to red. The staffs are fast, they serve the grilled food as if it's your last supper. My Hubby really enjoyed the food there coz I know it's his type of food. Then we're finished and they gave us a gift coz it's Valentine's. The gift is something like a rose bud tea and I don't know yet if it is used as a tea to drink or just an ornament. At first glance I thought it was a potpourri.

After that sumptuous meal we decided to stroll around Bonifacio High Street to see what else to do. I took that opportunity to take some pictures around.

This is the Yoyo we used to tell the staff that "we want more! we want more!"

These bikes caught my attention coz they're so colorful and girlish, I can imagine young girls biking in a village talking about their crushes with matching Kilig.

Bonifacio High Street


Back Street Boys..hehe


rhycel said...

serendra...lapit ofc ko dyan ah hehe

Insider said...

o nga e tatawid ka lang..pde bang makioffice??bwahahah joke!

Sietse Smith said...

nice pictures! The one of the colorful bikes is artsy!

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