Thursday, May 28, 2009

Jampack Daranak

We've been to Daranak Falls before but we decided to visit it again since we were just in the vicinity. My main purpose is actually just to take photos of the falls but when we get there it was really crowded. You can really tell from the outside that it is crowded because the parking lot is full and you can see the people blocking the entrance coz everybody wants to go in first even if they're still settling their fees at the counter. I kinda expected it coz it's Holy week, people go out since it's long holiday and Daranak Falls is one the most accessible tourist spots near Manila. We decided to go back and just postponed the visit anyway we have many chance to see it again some other time. I also don't want to take photos with lots of people near the falls.


I need to know the current rates for the entrance fee and tables but I did not get out of the car coz we are maneuvering, good thing I have a good set of lens I was able to capture the price list. I now have the rates but I don't know if it's updated. hehe.

While driving back to Sierra Madre Resort, I got to take pictures of the vehicles going to the Falls. There are trucks jampacked with people and a tricycle also full of passengers in and out the sidecar. I was amused on how many people are out on Holy Week, you can easily tell it on these photos.




We chance upon a store selling fresh buko juice so we bought 2 but the knife of Manong Magbubuko is not that sharp. We were laughing coz the juice was spilled less juice left for my hubby...huhu...but they were kind enough to tell us to just exchange it for a new one but we didn't accept it coz we want them to earn. We were happy anyway coz Manong is nice.


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Anonymous said...

ganyan pa rin ata ung rates sa daranak

Insider-Insights said...

yata di ko na sure e...d na ko updated tumaas man siguro baka onti lang

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