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Batanes Accommodation: Batanes Resort

Batanes Resort is a government owned resort with 6 hillside cottages with 2 bedrooms each. The outer walls of the cottages are made of stones which appears to look like the old Ivatan house. What I like most about this resort is that the cottages are facing the South China Sea on the right with matching view of the hills with cows eating grasses on the left and at the back of the cottages. Our window is a life size window so I can go out of the window and stay in the little garden with grasses to see the lush vegetation of the resort. This is the vacation that  I was looking for, just the view of the nature around the cottage is enough to make you feel relax and stress free. We were also lucky because the room that they gave us (ITBAYAT Room) has the most strategic location with nice scenic view. I heard from the staffs that the Sabtang and Itbayat rooms are the most sought after rooms because of the scenic view by the window.

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The room is clean and cozy enough especially at night when the lamps are on. Our room accommodation has an intercom, air condition, clean toilet and bath, 2 beds and writing desk. They make up the room everyday and refill the tissue,soap,shampoo and toothpaste.

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This is the entrance of the Batanes Resort, they have ample parking space and a simple reception area. The reception area is also facing the sea so the cold breeze outside is felt inside the area. The location of the resort is strategic enough, you can hire a tricycle from the airport worth P50/ride or you can hire a van from the hotel to tour you around Batanes.

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This is a photo of the sunset from the dining area. They have 2 areas for dining, one is inside the hall where there are crystal chandeliers with cozy lighting and tables covered with cloth with flower centerpiece. The other area is more of outdoor where you can dine facing the sea, hills and vegetation where they get the organic veggies they serve in our meal. The food in the resort is delectable, they always serve a meal with veggies, beef and seafood. We found out that in Batanes the pork is much more expensive than beef so the usual meal always include beef rather than pork.  You can also buy goods from the market and have it cooked by the resort chef with a fee.

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They said this is the only resort with access to the beach, but the way to the beach is kinda jungle. You have to go down at least 30-50 steps then you have to pass by an area with tall grasses and trees and look for the open fence. There are no clear path to the beach maybe because the beach in front is a marine sanctuary so it's not open for public use.  It was low tide when we went there so I was able to capture some underwater creatures, it was indeed a marine sanctuary because you can see the corals and fishes from the shore plus there's a police cottage behind who secures the area.
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Batanes Resort Room Accommodation:   1,800/day

Breakfast ----------------------- P100.00
-  Lunch      ----------------------- P175-250.00
-  Dinner     ----------------------- P175-250.00

Hall Rentals:
-  Private Parties     --------------- P3,000.00
-  Seminar/Meetings -------------  P2,000.00

Car rentals -------------------------  P1,500/day


        * Six hillside cottages
        * All air-conditioned rooms
        * Single or Double beds
        * Hot & cold shower
        * Private toilet and bath facility
        * Room intercom
        * Free airport transfers
        * Free ticket confirmation
        * Cable TV in every room
        * Restaurant/Coffee shop
        * Outdoor dining area
        * Spacious Parking area
        * Function hall/Meeting area
        * With private access to a marine sanctuary
        * With scenic ambiance facing South China sea
        * Hosts private parties, seminars & trainings
        * With service vehicle
        * 24-hour security service
        * With own organic vegetable garden

For reservations and inquiries you may contact Batanes Resort at 0927-5829078

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